About Us

Founded in 1979, North Jersey Metal Fab is a family-owned, second-generation designer and builder of custom railings, gates, handrails, windscreens and other metal works. Our expert craftsmen work in a variety of metals such as iron, steel, aluminum, bronze and brass. Each of our designs is unique and meticulously crafted to suit your specific need and style, resulting in a safe, strong, beautiful metal railing that will last for decades.

Whether you need a simple hand railing for your home or a custom designed structural staircase for your commercial construction project, look no further than North Jersey Metal Fab. Give us a call and one of our experienced engineers will meet with you to discuss your needs and provide input and advice as well as a free, no-obligation estimate for your project.

Call us any time at (973) 305-9830 or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch right away. We look forward to hearing from you!